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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin: "I did not have sex with that Moose"

What Matt said:

I understand that Sarah Palin’s fans find her critics loathesome and our motives dubious, but I wonder how they feel about the fact that her two national appearances have been so packed full of lies.
I really bothers me that she unabashedly claims to have rejected the bridge to nowhere, when in fact she lobbied for it, then spent the money from the federal government on other programs, or that she says she's a "Friend" of special needs children, when she slashed special needs school funding by 62%. I know there was plenty of truth-shading in the Democratic convention (e.g., McCain was clearly being facetious when he defined "rich" as more than 5 million a year). But Republican prevarification is off the hook.

P.S.> It was chilling that Guliani got laughter for this punch-line: A story like Barack Obama's "could only happen in America."

Update: The AP has a good article detailing the misrememberings.

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