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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RNC blogging Wed: Mitt Romney; Come down, Moses

Romney: keepin it real. I keep wondering, how is it possible that anyone with a brain cell left could still believe Republicans are about small government. To blame the doubling of federal spending since 1980 on the liberals is beyond laughable. There's a reason you have to go to 1980 to get the most extreme increase -- it bookmarks Reagan's term and allows you to rope in Bush II. If you looked at Clinton alone, you'd see a drop in government spending, adjusted for inflation. I mean, Jesus.

Update: And Huckabee goes there, too. There's the ridiculous Lava soap joke again. If I ever take up politics, I think I'll be a Republican. It takes a right-winger to buy the Brooklyn Bridge (Over, and over, and over again).

Update 2: [Huckabombast] And then the Hooker said, "You don't get a condom until you figure out how to earn it .... And at the end of the day, in walked Hugh Hefner, with a Trojan, and the Hooker said, "I didn't think you'd figure it out, so I decided to tell you. You don't have to earn your condom -- because he earned it for you." And I was much edified. There endeth the lesson.

Update 3: [Guliani] A hah hah heh! Drill baby, drill? Ah hah hah heh!

Updat3 4: [Palin]: GAME ON!

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