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Sunday, March 1, 2009


I just read a great article about Newt Gingrich in today's NYTimes Magazine. It reminded me that there are still plenty of people in the Republican party who are coming up with new ideas (even if they aren't all that good) and I worried for a bit that the party as a whole might get behind one of them.

And then I watched this clip of Limbaugh, addressing the CPAC conference yesterday:

I'm trying to think of an appropriate analogy. It's as if there's an auditorium full of awkward teenagers wearing their caps and gowns, who've spent years weathering the acne and pubic hair storm, who are getting ready to set off for college, and are just starting to settle some of this new adulthood on their shoulders to see how it feels -- and Bart Simpson walks in, grabs the mic, and yells "F*CK THAT. Let's go play video games." And it's just so reassuring and familiar, that they happily follow, tromping along, ditching their clothes, as he leads them to the video arcade out at the mall. God Bless you, Rush.

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