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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beer Bulletin: Slacker Coming

Just a quick update on the brewing. The first batch of Megaberry Wheat came out great; great raspberry aroma, a dry wheat beer, very crisp, pink color, and substantial (but not overpowering) fruit. I might back off slightly on the raspberry, but inasmuch as the whole point isn't really to suit my taste but M's (and she loves it), maybe I'll leave it alone.

Yellow Rose is coming along well; I just pulled it off the peaches, and I'll let it rest a week or so to clear further before bottling.

But the exciting news is the Slacker in the Rye -- my tribute to Austin and Real Ale's Full Moon. The reason I started brewing again in NJ was because I couldn't find it out there. Slacker finished its primary fermentation and BOY does it have a spicy rye nose. I used Cascade and Willamette hops for flavor and aroma, figuring they'd exacerbate the spiciness I'm trying to draw out. With a touch of Victory malt and Belgian Aromatic, and a backbone of six row to give it plenty or grain flavor, I'm hoping the malt profile will help fill in and whip-crackin' Rye.

I've been on a real Rye kick lately--Rye bread, whiskey, cocktails. I'm even thinking of making an Old-Fashion Rye pale ale (based on the cocktail). But I've got lots to do to prepare for BBQ season and the wedding first.

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