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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sings of the Coming Barackolypse

Karl Rove recently started talking up the imminent rebound of the American economy. Brian Butler passes the quote on:

[I]f Republicans predict economic doom, they will overplay their hand. The Democratic stimulus will slow recovery, but not stop it. Recessions don't last forever and, if history is a guide, sometime late this year or early next the economy will rebound on its own.

Similarly, I heard Rick Santorum on Fox News today (meh, it's the gym) arguing that Barack was being too negative in talking about future hardship in the economy. He thinks the outlook should be more positive. This is, frankly, some of the best news I've heard this year -- because it suggests that Republicans are starting to worry that the economy *will* rebound late this year or early next, and that Obama will get all the credit. Barack on.

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