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Friday, August 28, 2009

Snow Leopard = MacTablet coming

I have to agree with Andy Ihntako; Snow Leopard is pretty cool, but what it really looks like is a dry-run for a full-featured Mac OS for a low-power (read: netbook) processor. Combine that with nVidia's excitement about ramping up their "media pad" chip for various yet-to-be-announced partners, and the dream is finally here.

Microsoft is about to get pantsed again.

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Matt Dunegan said...

Dear White Souse -

I am in search of a Shiner Cheer clone recipe and stumbled upon your blog. Dude, do you still have said recipe? Can I have it, too?

Did you get married yet? How did the wedding go? Was your beer a big hit? My wife and I (Aug 16 this year) brewed 10 beers and made awesome labels for our wedding favors, and friends made our draught beers. It was homebrew in abundance!
I LOVE your blog, by the way.
Please email your Shiner Cheer recipe? dunegan474@yahoo.com Thanks!