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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Counterblast from a contrarian

No, that title does not mean this post will be a rebuttal to Devo's recent reinauguration of this blog with his whale fart post (I already did my whale post a year ago--seems we talk of nothing else, sometimes). Rather, it is an excuse for me to earn myself even more enemies by plugging Ralph Nader's 2008 yet another Presidential run. This time, he's polling 6% in some states and may end up on the ballet in 45 of them (I think it was only about 23 last time). His strategy is different, and many commentators, though few support him outright, are commending his contribution to this year's already becoming boring (see the recent Stanley Fish op-ed in the NY Times) election. Actually, I don't really want to plug Ralph myself. Rather, I'll let Rather do it. That's right, Dan Rather himself refutes the "spoiler" argument in a recent commentary. I know this may not win many converts from Obamamania '08, but it does make me happy. You wouldn't want me to be unhappy, would you, Devo?


Devo said...

You're kidding ...?

The Steve said...

About which part?